DIGITAL Advertising - Advertising without paying

Who are Digital Advertising?


DIGITAL ADVERTISING are a Team of passionate "promoters". We love "getting the message out there" and embracing new technology as it comes along.

We LOVE saving you money, and reducing our impact on the environment by stopping the amount of plastic that is printed to be used in traditional billboard, then put to the landfill as waste.

Nothing excites us more than to work out who your target market it, what you USP (Unique Selling Proposition) then showing you how you can reach 100 times more people with 100 times less money.

Our Team comprises of telemarketing drilling right down into your community to find who might benefit from advertising on your sign. We have Corporate Reps that negotiates the National deals (that then flow on through to you as well). And we have in-house graphic design and video production staff (for your retail video wall).

We start selling your sign before it even goes up creating a 'drone' animation. From there we brainstorm as a Team on likely interested parties so that by the time your sign is up it is probably nearly fully subscribed already!

Our sister company DIGITAL SIGNS will be able to help you supply and install quality hardware, but once it's up that's where we step in to help you maximise your returns.


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